Walking in Wisdom

“Wisdom, has never been totally absent. In fact, it has been quite the opposite—She has always been present. It is She who is the shadow peering out from behind the veil of patriarchy, secrecy, and separation, for Wisdom was the Word.”

Dr. Nancy Tarr Hart, Author

Dr. Nancy Tarr Hart, Author & Speaker

Meet Dr. Nancy Tarr Hart

Dr. Nancy Tarr Hart has a wide and varied history of personal and professional experience with a career that encompasses working 40+ years in the worlds of business, theatre, and education.  Also an intuitive and mystic, the understanding of her spiritual gifts fully ignited in 1995, and she recognized her deep connections with the Divine Feminine Wisdom/Sophia and stepped onto the life path that has opened her up to an awareness of her purpose through Spirit/Sophia’s plans for her.