Beyond the Veil – Vol.1


Beyond the Veil: Unmasking the Feminine invites readers to embark on a road to discovery to illuminate the shadow hovering beyond the veils of patriarchal-based definitions and interpretations in order to reveal that the fleeting specter, “Wisdom, has never been totally absent. In fact, it has been quite the opposite—She has always been present. It is She who is the shadow peering out from behind the veil of patriarchy, secrecy, and separation, for Wisdom was the Word.” 

Praise for Vol. 1

  • A topical read for our times that brings hope

    Whether or not you believe in a traditional god, or a god at all, this book is an important read for our times. Dr. Tarr Hart presents a concise yet full history of the evolution of thought about the feminine spirit in not just religious context, but its effects on socio-political development. She reveals, or unveils, the feminine wisdom that has always been present, and gives evidence that the masculine principles of oppression, domination and inequality no longer work. With a paradigm shift toward the application of the feminine principles of compassion and inclusion, among others, harmony with our world and reaching our full potential is achievable.

  • Insightful and informative

    I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and was educated by priests and Franciscan nuns for nine years. Never was the concept of the Holy Trinity, the Word, or Wisdom fully explained to me until I read Dr. Tarr Hart’s Beyond the Veil: Unmasking the Feminine.
    I came upon this work at a time of intense personal growth. The historical background and explanations provided will help to guide me on my journey. 

  • Bringing the Feminine to light is how we bring change to the world

    The drawing out of the feminine from hiding so resonated with what I am seeing today in many areas of life including the church, politics, business, and leadership. In Volume 1, Dr. Tarr Hart provides an in-depth exploration of the historic context of how the feminine was pushed back into the shadows and what the consequences have been. I’m sure readers will resonate with the “masking” of the feminine which brings light to our own life experiences that have developed us as women since childhood. From her scholarly point of view as a philosophy and religious studies teacher, as well as her gifted intuitive insight, I came away with a deeper understanding of the journey into the Feminine Divine, and my imagination was sparked by the possibilities of life “unmasked.” This book is a perfect set-up for the next volume as I now want to know what living in “a world in which all life is honored as sacred” would be like, and I eagerly anticipate its publication.

  • Beyond the Veil is a theological page-turner that offers hope for our time

    As I read Beyond the Veil, I felt like I was reading a theological “whodunit” of immense complexity. I started to envision Dr. Tarr Hart as the Miss Marple of Judeo Christian Theology.

    First, she identifies the crime. Then, Dr. Tarr Hart brings her staggering scholarship to systematically describing how the crime was committed. However, more important to her than holding the perpetrators accountable, Dr. Tarr Hart offers a new paradigm that will prevent such a scenario from occurring again. Beyond the Veil is a theological page-turner that offers hope for our time. Dr. Tarr Hart details a radically simple solution for universal harmony – one that has been just beyond the veil. Its time is now.