Words from former students…
  • Powerful and fulfilling

    “Dr. Tarr Hart taught such a powerful and fulfilling course this semester.  Attending her course, Human Flourishing was often the happiest time of my day.  I truly appreciate that she made the material engaging and relatable to all the students in class.  I thank her for allowing everyone to have a safe space to learn and flourish.”

  • [She made] a tremendous impact on my life

    “It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege having Dr. Tarr Hart, as a professor.  She has had such a tremendous impact on my life, inspiring me in ways that are too many to count.  She is constantly challenging me to see the world in different perspectives— and has fostered a deep love for learning, which I am eternally grateful for.”

  • Serious and simultaneously fun loving

    “Serious and simultaneously fun loving. Every class was a new discovery of human flourishing and how it impacts society. Her personal stories, experiences and wide variety of knowledge made for fascinating discussions. At the end of the semester, I was a better, happier and more confident person. I will never forget this course, the students or Dr. Tarr Hart, they changed my life for the better.”

  • Amazing professor

    “Dr. Tarr Hart is an amazing professor – who loves her work and her students. She really cares about our overall well being as well as what we learn and how we learn it! For some of us, philosophy is complicated but she does an excellent job of breaking down concepts and applying them to today’s world. She also gives great real life examples that help make the text and ideologies relatable. I would take a class with her again and would recommend her to other students. Thank you for a wonderful class!!”

  • Effective at fostering a classroom atmosphere

    “Dr. Tarr Hart was very effective at fostering a classroom atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable to openly participate in discussions despite the challenging nature of the discussions. I appreciated her teaching methods and would highly recommend courses taught by her to other students.”

  • I pray this energy feeds others just the same

    “This time together and what we have learned is a permanent part of me.  I pray this energy feeds others just the same.  Many thanks and much love.”